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Determining the pressure on Maxon Ovenpaks

For this example, we will use the Maxon Ovenpak Size 415. Refer to the chart on page 6 of the attached document. To determine the correct set up, you will also need to know the combustion chamber pressure. You will notice that there are a couple different pressures listed.

Required natural gas differential pressure to burner inlet ("wc)
This is an estimate of what the gas pressure should be at the gas inlet. You must add the chamber pressure to this number. For example, if the chamber pressure is -1.0" wc, you would need 3.2" wc at the inlet. 4.2 + -1.0 = 3.2

Maximum Capacities (1000's Btu/hr) with Natural Gas Pressures ("wc)
This is the pressure you need to measure at the test port on the burner. In the previous example with a chamber pressure of -1.0" wc, you would use the row labelled -5 to -0.5 and come up with 1.7" wc. Connect the low side of the manometer to a test connection on the combustion chamber to read the differential pressure. If this does not exist, do a direct measurement and use the same math to adjust your reading.

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