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Identifying Honeywell Part Numbers

What do the sideways numbers mean?

If you look at the box of a Honeywell part or on the label, you may have noticed a sideways number printed on it. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is pretty simple. It is an internal revision or series number which is increased every time a part is redesigned. Most of the time, there is a no change to function or specifications for us to worry about, but there are exceptions. I'm going to discuss two.

S7800A1001 Keyboard Display Module

This one has undergone several revisions. The biggest change happened around 2006 when series 5 came out. The major changes were:

  • Added Modbus capability
  • Added "business card" capability to the lock screen
  • Button functionality and labels changed to accommodate the above
The change to the button labels necessitated change to the NEMA 4 cover assemblies. The old cover assemblies will work with the new display, but the labels will be wrong. It is best to sell the new cover unless you know it is being used on a very old control. Customers still ask for the old display with new controls.

  • 204718A -> 50023821-001
  • 204718C -> 50023821-002

Modutrol 4 Motors

Around 2007, all mod motors were redesigned with completely new internals. The old motors were immersed in oil which required you to mount them upright or risk burning them out. The series 2 motors have no oil and can be mounted in any direction. The newer motor also uses a slightly different transformer. Old style will not fit in the current motors.

  • 168162EA, 198162AA, and 198162GA -> 50017460-001
  • 168162JA -> 50017460-003


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