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Join SBIS 2023: The Ultimate Event for System Integrators in the Intelligent Buildings Industry

Welcome to the official blog post for the 16th annual Smart Building Integrator Summit (SBIS), an integral part of the renowned IBcon conference. As the industry's leading event for intelligent buildings, IBcon brings together experts, professionals, and innovators to explore the world of smart, connected, and high-performance buildings. In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of SBIS and why it's a must-attend event for system integrators operating in the ever-evolving landscape of intelligent buildings.

Keeping Pace with Smarter Building Technologies: With the rapid emergence of smarter building technologies and the increasing complexity of integrations, it has become crucial for system integrators to stay informed and adapt to the latest advancements. SBIS recognizes the importance of in-depth knowledge about building systems, coupled with a deep understanding of client business requirements. This knowledge empowers system integrators to meet the demands of today's open architected, interoperable, integrated, and IP-centric intelligent buildings, portfolios, campuses, and cities.

Catering to System Integrators' Day-to-Day Challenges: SBIS is thoughtfully crafted to address the day-to-day challenges faced by system integrators in the industry. From keeping track of technology advances to managing staffing needs and ensuring overall business sustainability, system integrators encounter a range of hurdles. This year, the SBIS advisors have put together an exceptional agenda that promises to tackle these challenges head-on, providing valuable insights, strategies, and practical solutions.

Agenda: The SBIS 2023 agenda is meticulously designed to cover a wide range of topics crucial to system integrators' success in the intelligent buildings sector. From sessions dedicated to technology trends and best practices to panel discussions on workforce management and sustainable growth, attendees can expect a diverse and engaging program. This is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, exchange ideas, and network with industry leaders and peers.

If you're a system integrator navigating the intricate landscape of intelligent buildings, the Smart Building Integrator Summit (SBIS) is an event you cannot afford to miss. With its exclusive focus on addressing the challenges faced by system integrators, SBIS provides a platform to stay ahead of the curve, understand client requirements, and leverage the power of smarter building technologies. Mark your calendars for SBIS 2023, and join us in embracing the future of intelligent buildings. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements regarding this exciting event!

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Network with local, regional and national enterprise portfolio end-users/property owners
    Interact with the leading, most innovative and successful integrators in the world 
  • Expand your reach!
  • Learn how to move from an SI to an MSI
  • Meet BAS manufacturers and learn about their move towards AI and other advanced solutions
  • Acquire the latest industry knowledge to create and implement a cybersecurity statement


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