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Outside Temp Sensor NTC10k

Outside Temp Sensor NTC10k

Item #: 01UT-5L
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5L

Outside Temp Sensor NTC10k Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, NTC10k2 NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor NTC10kP

Outside Temp Sensor NTC10kP

Item #: 01UT-5M
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5M

Outside Temp Sensor NTC10kP Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, NTC10k3 NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor PT100

Outside Temp Sensor PT100

Item #: 01UT-5A
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5A

Outside Temp Sensor PT100 Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, PT100 NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor PT1000

Outside Temp Sensor PT1000

Item #: 01UT-5B
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5B

Outside Temp Sensor PT1000 Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, PT1000 NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor NTC20k

Outside Temp Sensor NTC20k

Item #: 01UT-5Q
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5Q

Outside Temp Sensor NTC20k Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, NTC20k NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor Ni891

Outside Temp Sensor Ni891

Item #: 01UT-5E
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5E

Outside Temp Sensor Ni891 Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, Ni1000 (JCI) NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor V MULT

Outside Temp Sensor V MULT

Item #: 22UT-52
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 22UT-52

Outside Temp Sensor V MULT Outdoor temperatur sensor active AC/DC 24 V, output DC 0…5/10 V adjustable NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor A MULT

Outside Temp Sensor A MULT

Item #: 22UT-54
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 22UT-54

Outside Temp Sensor A MULT Outdoor temperatur sensor active DC 15…24V, output 4…20 mA NEMA 4X
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