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Conbraco Industries

Conbraco Industries was created when two manufacturers of brass valves and fittings merged in 1928. In 2005, Conbraco brought all of its products under the Apollo® Valves brand.

Since then these two companies continue to produce high quality valves, gauges, strainers and more. Stromquist is proud to stock many of these products that are all manufactured in the U.S.

Safety and Relief Valves

Conbraco offers safety and relief valves with brass, bronze, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel body construction. Available in inlet sizes of ¼” through 6”, Conbraco valves are certified for steam, air/gas, and liquid service, with set pressure up to 900 psi.

Gas Ball Valves

The GB-50 series bronze ball valves are designed with ASTM grade corrosion resistant materials for main burner applications with cast-in single or dual pilot taps for faster, simpler installation. Options include a zine wing or tee handle.

Liquid level gauges, like the ones made by Conbraco, are in most equipment rooms. As simple as they might seem, if you ever need to replace one, it can be tricky. Here we have an informative tech tip that takes the mystery out of liquid level gauges. 

Stromquist stocks multiple styles and sizes of these gauges. Take a look below to find the one you need.  If you don't see it here, call us at 800-241-9471.