ECLYPSE™ Connected

Programmable BACnet/IP Thermostat

HVAC Control made Beautiful, Intelligent & Connected

The ECLYPSE Connected Thermostat (ECY-STAT) is geared towards new or existing rooftop unit, heatpump unit, fancoil unit and other zone control applications. It features a touchscreen interface, multiple connectivity options (both wired IP and Wi-Fi) for system communication, and Bluetooth ® low energy (BLE) for mobile connectivity

The Perfect Solution for:

  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Highrise Residential
  • Retail

Features & Benefits:

  • Elegant and compact design, provides a modern appearance
    when installed in any environment
  • A unique user experience with an intuitive interface to adjust temperature, fan speed, HVAC mode, and lighting/sunblinds via BACnet all from a single device
  • Wired IP or Wi-Fi network connectivity provides options for both
    new and retrofit projects
  • Using the my PERSONIFY mobile app simply pair your mobile
    device to the ECY-STAT through Bluetooth
  • Comes with pre-loaded applications or customize the control sequence and interface for a specific application using EC-gfxProgram
  • 7-day scheduler supports single or dual setpoint or multi-state
    schedule for standalone applications
  • Benefit from a built-in web server and ENVYSION viewer for managing smaller installations

Allow users to monitor outside conditions and adjust the indoor temperature accordingly with the weather function.

Create comfortable spaces and manage energy costs by using the editable schedules.

Provide users with instant feedback on the level of energy efficiency their chosen comfort setting is achieving.

Benefit from multiple connectivity options for system communication (wired or wi-fi).

Leverage the available developer tools to create your own Intelligent Building Solution.

  • ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem SDK
  • RESTful API
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub