Smart Air Control Valve

An innovative, packaged air control solution


Advanced Air Control Solution

The Distech Controls’ Smart Air Control Valve is a highly accurate, fully dynamic, pre-assembled air control valve solution. It has a superior 100:1 (typical) turndown ratio and measures airflows as low as 1.5 CFM. With this low airflow design, the same Smart Air Control Valve model can be used to control the airflow required for various applications and at a much wider range of space occupancy levels. It offers a breakthrough airflow measurement technology that results in energy efficiency and low EUI (Energy Use Intensity), superior IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality), and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Disrupting a Market that has not Evolved in the Last 40 Years

The Smart Air Control Valve challenges the typical Variable Air Volume model where multiple sizes are required to cover the wide range of airflow requirements in a standard commercial building. It offers a high turndown ratio and advanced airflow accuracy at lower CFM levels, where typical VAV solutions are not capable of performing.

With the standardization of box models, the Smart Air Control Valve provides an opportunity to change the way that HVAC systems are designed and operated thanks to its extended range of operation.

The innovative Distech Controls Smart Air Control Valve solution allows for a more efficient procurement process and shorter delivery time by reducing the number of steps required to obtain a complete, fully installed and balanced air control system.

Achieve advanced energy savings with an innovative, packaged air control solution

Simplify Design

Offers enhanced airflow accuracy and turndown ratio (100:1), simplifying engineering design tasks thanks to a more concise selection of models.

Energy Savings

Reduces fan energy consumption with a lower minimum airflow capability and more precise airflow delivery across the entire operating range, allowing for a low Energy Use Intensity (EUI) operation

Easy Installs

Full turnkey solution with factory programmed, tested, balanced, and packaged unit reduces risk and complexity when dealing with project execution, schedules, and coordination.

Operation Flexibility

Delivers advanced demand control ventilation when combining the Smart Air Control Valve's low airflow capabilities and an optional CO2 sensor.

Lower Noise

Superior acoustical performance with the capability of a low air velocity operation and optional indoor air quality (IAQ) liner.

Simple Retro-Fits

Simplifies new tenant building retrofits with a future-ready design that can adapt to new floor layout and airflow requirements.