Sensors for HVAC/R

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, & Test Instrument

Building Automation Products, Inc. (BAPI) is a premier sensor manufacturer for HVAC/R. Specializing in sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, wireless and air quality monitoring..

Over the past 25 years BAPI has forged a place in the HVAC/R industry, with their area of expertise focused on advanced sensor technology for HVAC/R applications. Originating in Cross Plains, WI in 1993, BAPI’s first facility was literally conducted out of a small two-car garage. Today, BAPI serves customers around the globe from their 50,000 sq foot facility based in rural southwestern Wisconsin. BAPI continues the “…it’s in the details” tradition, using the highest quality sensing elements paired with state of the art manufacturing, meticulous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure a reliable product time after time.

There are many facilities and locations today that rely on temperature, pressure and humidity sensors and transmitters to provide a stable, secure environment, such as hospitals, clean rooms and data centers. The sensor or transmitter itself can make or break the system, therefore they must be dependable, accurate and 100% compatible with the building control system. More demanding environments, advances in technology, and changing customer needs keep the industry striving for new and improved sensors and transmitters. As the industry continues to change, BAPI will be at the forefront providing high performance solutions for real world applications.
BAPI offers a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure sensors and transmitters in all of our room, duct, immersion and outside air units so that they are 100% compatible with the facility’s control system.

Changing the way you think about Sensors

BAPI uses only the highest quality sensing elements and meticulous manufacturing, testing and quality assurance procedures to guarantee that our products perform out of the box and far into the future. Here are a few of the extra steps that we take to protect your reputation and bottom line.

  • On-Site Multi-Step Testing
  • NIST Traceable Precision Instruments
  • Computer Aided Production Stations
  • CE Certified & RoHS Compliant
  • BAPI - Backed Confidence

5 Year Warranty Across All Product Lines!

BAPI Product Lines

Temperature Sensors

Temperature transmitters incorporate a sensor —either a 10K thermistor or a platinum RTD (100 Ohm or 1 k Ohm)— and an amplifier. These devices provide an accurate and predictable 4 to 20mA output over a specified temperature range. They are specifically designed for temperature sensing and transmission over long distances without degradation of the 4 to 20mA signal.

Humidity Sensors

BAPI offers patented room sensors for typical office, commercial or retain spaces such as the attractive BAPI-Stat Quantum series. BAPI also offers patented sensors for the most challenging of locations, such as the wipedown BAPI-Stat Quantum Prime and BAPI-Stat 3 units for operating rooms and clean rooms, and the Vivarium washdown unit for animal laboratories. The humidity lineup also inlcudes a ModBus and Dewpoint sensor along with the BAPI-Com, which can provide temperature and humidity measurement, temperature setpoint and occupant override all on only two wires.

Pressure Sensors

The heart of every BAPI Pressure Transmitter is a micro-machined, single-crystal silicon, piezoresistive pressure sensor that changes resistance as a function of applied pressure. Since silicon strain gauges have high output levels in relation to the pressure applied, the pressure levels in the BAPI diaphragm can be lower than in other non-silicon strain gauges. This means a more accurate measurement of lower pressure levels.

Test Equipment

Blü-Test wireless test instrument suite. NIST traceable test instruments for temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure. Data-logging with wireless smart device communication.