Everything You Need to Know About Building Automation

A complete look at BAS components, processes, and use scenarios.



This course is targeted towards new salespersons, technicians, designers, operators, consulting engineers, and project managers. This course provides the foundational knowledge for all of our other courses.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge:

No pre-requisite knowledge is required.


  • Posses a foundational knowledge of BAS that will support you throughout the rest of your career
  • Be prepared for conversations with customers, hiring managers, and other building professionals
  • Eliminate project delays caused by a lack of familiarity with BAS, so that your projects are delivered On-time and on-budget

Course Benefits:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully Online
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Regularly updated course material
  • Live bi-weekly office hours 

Key Topics:

  • Gain a complete overview of building automation systems
  • Learn the five different pieces of BAS hardware and how each piece functions within a full-blown BAS
  • Learn the three different BAS architectures, the pros and cons of each architecture, and how to use each architecture
  • Learn what points, trends, and alarms are, how and when to use them and point naming strategies for your BAS
  • Learn what a user interface is, how to properly structure graphics, why and how to use BAS reporting, and how to create an optimized scheduling strategy
  • Learn the three different BAS architectures, the pros and cons of each architecture, and how to use each architecture
  • Learn what control systems are, why control systems matter, the four different kinds of control systems, and how to tie each control system type into your BAS
  • Learn what control modes are, how the 7 common control modes work, when to use each control mode, and how to adjust each control mode
  • Learn what a protocol is, how the 3 most common protocols work, when to use each protocol, and how to use each protocol
  • Learn what the three types of controls work are, how each type of controls work is done, what your role in each type of controls work is
  • Learn the fundamentals of electricity, how wiring works and the different parts of wiring, what a circuit is, and how relays and safeties work in a circuit
  • Learn what the main construction documents are, how to use the documents as a BAS professionals, and how to interpret and use BAS controls documents
  • Learn what test and balance is, how the BAS professionals is involved in the T&B process, what commissioning is, and how to create and perform functional tests

Successful Completion

Successful Completion will require:

Completion of all video lessons and successfully passing the course final exam with a score of 90% or greater. Upon successful completion, the student will receive a certificate of completion and their name will be added to the certification database. 


When will the class start?

The class is online and self-paced. As soon as you enroll you will have life long access.

How do I access the videos?

All of our videos are available on our course website which is supported by the best-in-class online training platform Thinkific. You will be able to watch the course videos online or download the course videos/audio to consume the content offline.

Do I have access to the course at set times?

No, as soon as the course opens you will have full access to all of the modules. There will be a series of e-mails we send out with suggested timelines but if you want to consume the entire course over a couple of days you are more than welcome to do so.

Student Testimonials:

 I wish my company had started this earlier for me and hadn't waited till I was 7 months in. I came from never doing anything controls wise before in my life to now starting up and completing my own jobs solo

by Allan DAntonio

I believe this course covers the basics in great detail and breaks things down into what you actually need to know. This saves a lot of time and allows you to cover more area. I also think it is very helpful that Phil is readily available for questions of any sort. All of my questions were answered within minutes.

by Garrett Spencer