Energy Valve

Thermal Energy Meter, Delta T Management, & Iot

The Belimo Energy Valve

Energy Savings You can See

With its unique functionality and intelligent cloud services, the Belimo Energy Valve™ sets new standards for automatic optimization and provides energy savings with the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve continuously optimizes the water flow, automatically adjusts it to current climatic conditions and eliminates low Delta T syndrome. Since its market launch in 2012, the Belimo Energy Valve™ has received over 20 awards from industry organizations worldwide. Today, thousands of these smart valves help to reduce the operating costs in buildings and CO2 emissions.

Transparent Energy Monitoring & Innovative Flow Measurement

Cloud analytics provide recommended Delta T and flow setpoints, which can be updated remotely or automatically to save time and improve efficiency. Key performance indicators are graphically illustrated showing current and historical data of flow rates, energy usage, Delta T, and overview of warnings or errors in operation that could affect efficiency.

The Belimo Energy Valve™ offers glycol monitoring utilizing an embedded temperature sensor, ultrasonic technology, and advanced logic algorithms to monitor the percentage of glycol content in the system assuring concentrations meet design needs. Glycol monitoring increases safe operation with overall heat transfer and pumping efficiency and reduces operating costs.

On Board Data Logging

The new range of Belimo Energy Valve™ with the Thermal Energy Meter integrates energy measure and control, Delta T management, and IoT-enabled billing in one device. It offers seamless and direct integration to the BMS or IoT-based monitoring platforms. Energy measurement and control with certified energy measurement and billing are united. It's bringing together performance features to save you time and costs. 

The Energy Valve will trend and store: Flow, Delta T, Energy Output, Power Output, Totalized Energy, and your Calculated Savings!

Belimo Energy Valve™ for Integrated Thermal Energy Management

The correct conditioning of the supplied air is essential to healthy indoor air. This can be achieved with optimizing energy efficiency at the same time.

The award-winning Belimo Energy ValveTM is the perfect example of Belimo innovations by combining intelligence with an actuator, flow sensors, and a ball valve. This combination goes well beyond PI control to solve low delta T syndrome and offer flow and power control. Addressing the prevalent low delta T syndrome helps to improve energy efficiency and significantly lower the overall performance cost. The tightly closing valve prevents leakage and assures precise and stable control. 

The new generation Energy Valve combines energy control with MID certified energy metering in one device, assuring high accuracy and reliability, allowing for easy and efficient billing and transparent thermal energy management. Digital access supports easy setup or adjustments, commissioning, and maintenance using NFC and the Belimo Assistant App or a webserver providing full transparency to the end user's energy data.

With BACnet/IP or MSTP, Modbus TCP, or RTU on board, the Energy Valve can communicate directly to the BMS. The Ethernet interface enables direct and secure cloud connection while power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for extra power supply.

One Optimized Complete Solution & Now Cloud Based

Cloud Optimization

Monitors and enhances energy usage delivering optimal system performance. System analytics are also
provided to show historical performance.

Delta T Management

The Belimo Delta T Manager algorithm reduces pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing plant efficiency and maintaining design Delta T.

Energy Monitoring

An integrated energy meter provides accurate coil and energy consumption data for tenant billing. The data is used to verify system performance after commissioning and acts as a baseline. This feature helps achieve LEED points through Energy and Atmosphere within credits 1 and 5.

Key Features:

Certified Metering

The requirements meet EN 1434 and type approval according to the EU MID 2014/32/EU (MI-004).

Digitally Supported Workflows

The Belimo Assistant App guides you through every step of  the Energy Valve setup process.

IoT-based Billing

Owner-authorized third parties are able to securely access data consumption and provide billing services.

Easy Integration

Using BACnet/IP or MSTP, Modbus TCP or RTU, the valve can easily communicate directly to the BMS

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The device can connect with one standard Ethernet cable that provides power and allows data transmission

Energy Monitoring

The thermal energy data is accurately measured, logged, and identified as areas for optimization when detected.

Glycol Measurement

Every valve is equipped with a patented glycol algorithm that compensates to ensure accurate readings.

Delta T Manager

Logic built-in monitor coil performance and optimize the available energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T

Dynamic Coil Performance

Accurately provides transparency in power degradation and other operational issues in real-time.

Cloud Connection

The Energy Valve connected to the Belimo Cloud provides secure, easy access to data & reports from anywhere.

User Benefits

Contractors & Distributors

  • Solve client’s low Delta T syndrome problems to reduce pump cost, and release plant capacity
  • Provide freeze protection with glycol monitoring for efficient, safe operation and reducing cost
  • Deliver advanced solutions for clients incorporating cloud based analytics to optimize system performance
  • Solve problems and simplify troubleshooting with onboard diagnostic tools
  • Reduce installation time with a set up wizard that easily guides installation and saves reload set up parameters on future valves

Building Owners

  • Utilize advanced analytic technology while leveraging captured system data to improve coil and system performance achieving increased energy savings
  • Reduce pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing chiller plant efficiency and eliminating waste zone operations
  • Monitor glycol content to enable you to maintain the correct glycol concentration; increasing overall heat transfer and pumping efficiency and reducing operating cost
  • Showcase your building by utilizing state of the art technology
  • Ensure circuits are properly balanced, so tenant improvements and building expansion projects proceed smoothly without impact to other spaces


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