PICV Valves

Pressure Independent Control Valves

Belimo PICVs

Energy Efficient Valves that Provide Comfort

Belimo pressure independent control valves stabilize variable flow
hydronic systems for a lifetime of efficiency and worry-free, dynamic

Belimo pressure independent valves directly control the water flow
required by the coil and are not affected by pressure fluctuations in
the system. The valves are selected based on the flow requirements
of the coil, and no valve authority and Cv calculations are needed. By
precisely controlling the flow, the pressure independent valves
eliminate the need for balancing valves, thus reducing installation
cost. The biggest benefit comes in the form of energy savings by
eliminating overflow through the coil. Overflow wastes pumping
energy and is the main cause of low Delta T syndrome in chilled water

High Performance & Energy Savings in one PICV

Belimo pressure independent valve technology maximizes energy savings of variable flow pumping systems while addressing unique control challenges. Belimo offers a series of pressure independent (PI) control valves; from the PIQCV, a super compact PI valve, ePIV an electronic PI valve offering true flow measurement to the Energy Valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance.

With Belimo pressure independent technology, every system performs
to its full potential – saving time, money, and other precious resources.

Improve Building Performance

With Belimo’s pressure independent control valve technology only a single valve is required to maintain proper flow through each circuit. Each valve arrives from the factory with a flow setting that can be changed in the field, so there is no additional balancing required. The system performs perfectly from start-up. If a facility adds new circuits because of an expansion, the flow control of existing circuits remains intact eliminating the need for re-balancing the system.

The Belimo’s pressure independent control valve not only properly controls the flow of hot or chilled water to the classroom unit ventilator, it also prevents excess flow from going through the unit

Features & Advantages

Dynamic Balancing

Belimo’s pressure independent valves precisely control the water flow required by the coil and are not affected by pressure fluctuations in the system.

Energy Savings

Pressure independent control valves maximize energy savings by dynamically balancing the load under all conditions eliminating overflow of the coil thus reducing pumping costs.

Zero Leakage

Belimo ball valve design offers zero leakage and eliminates energy loss while ensuring reliable operation throughout the entire life of the valve.

User Benefits

Contractors & Distributors

  • Solve client’s low Delta T syndrome problems to reduce pump cost, and release plant capacity
  • Maintains pressure independent operation from 5 to 50 psid to ensure optimal system performance
  • Enhanced communication with BACnet, MS/TP, and Modbus RTU to provide superior application data access for easy troubleshooting, commissioning, and programming
  • Easy installation in tight spaces
  • Continuous balancing eliminating overflow of coil reducing pumping costs

Building Owners

  • Utilize system data to improve coil and system performance achieving increased energy savings
  • Showcase your building by utilizing state of the art technology
  • Continuous balancing eliminating overflow of coil reducing pumping costs and power consumption
  • Eliminate the need for manual balancing valves, thus reducing the installation and commissioning costs and time
  • Ensure circuits are properly balanced, so tenant improvements and building expansion projects proceed smoothly without impact to other spaces


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