CIPer 50 IP Controller

Seamless Control & Expansion

Multiple I/O for Scalable HVAC Plant Control

Never worry about running out of controller inputs/outputs for HVAC plant equipment. The Honeywell CIPer™ Model 50 has you covered with expansion capabilities for up to 2,500 points. Built on the Niagara N4 Framework® and fully BACnet compliant, the CIPer Model 50 gives you a fully scalable solution for meeting both current and future needs.

CIPer model 50 is a BACnet-compliant heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) building controller. It runs the WEBs-N4 framework, integrating all trades in a building. Thus, CIPer model 50 is the ideal solution for HVAC controls requiring combination with lighting, shading, access control, and security applications. It provides unparalleled energy efficiency through a vast HVAC Application Library.

Fast Connection with a Range of Devices

Whether you need to manage a simple RTU or complex boiler and chiller rooms, the CIPer™ product family offers a variety of controllers and I/O modules to meet your needs. Supported by the Niagara 4 Framework®, these controllers support BACnet IP, and some support multi-protocols to manage all types of buildings across the building automation industry. From speed and power to expandability, there’s a CIPer controller with the right combination of benefits for your application.

Features & Benefits:

CIPer model 50 enables uniform graphical operation, control, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management functions for HVAC and non-HVAC applications. Through its integrated web server, it allows real-time access to all information through web-based graphical views.

CIPer model 50 supports full remote engineering, including changes to the control program and the graphical user interface. This greatly supports reduction of life cycle and maintenance cost

Reduced Install Cost

Existing standard Ethernet/LAN infrastructure is used for communication between CIPer model 50 controllers, 3rd -party BACnet® controllers, and BACnet® front-ends. Costs are further reduced by the flexible and optional use of Panel Bus I/Os (which allow manual override independent of the controller, thus obviating the need for external switches) and of onboard I/Os.

Reduced Life Cycle Cost

CIPer model 50 supports the highly reliable Honeywell Panel Bus I/O modules, which allow for plugging and replacing without any need for rewiring or engineering, thus minimizing system downtime. The Panel Bus is polarity-insensitive, thus reducing potential wiring errors. Furthermore, Panel Bus I/O modules allow the predefinition of output safety positions, ensuring safe operation even if communication with CIPer model 50 is disrupted

Universal Operations

Via Internet browser, CIPer model 50 can be operated from any place, from any PC and/or mobile device connected to the (CIPer model 50) network! (Optionally, via the onboard or detached HMI, the controller can be operated independently of any network connection.)

User Friendly Operations

  • Native Niagara 4
  • Alarms, Schedules, Trends, Histories, Graphics, E-mail, & Text
  • Remote Access, Programming, & Remote Service
  • IP Connectivity
  • Energy Management Functions - Including Metering
  • Can be networked to an WEBs-N4 Supervisor

Installation Flexibility

  • Separate wiring sockets for quick exchange without rewiring
  • Compact Mixed I/O Modules
  • 1,000+ physical I/Os, plus distributed mounting of I/O modules
  • 26 On-board I/O terminals
  • Two-port IP Switch
  • Standard Niagara N4 Drivers Included

CIPer Tool-Kit

  • Multiple I/O for Easy Expansion
  • HVAC Application Library for fast & efficient engineering
  • Continuous adaptation to building characteristics for optimized performance.
  • Energy saving functions include variable speed fan support, intelligent boiler sequencing, "night purge" to reduce cooling costs, and support of complex boiler, heat pump, and solar panel applications

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