Stromquist and Company is making a big inventory push for wire and cable in 2019. Our goal is to have the wire that you need in stock and on our shelf. Whether that be sensor cable, building automation cable, or networking cable Stromquist aims to have what you need when you need. If we don’t have it, rest assured that we can source it quickly for you from our partner Connect Air.

Stromquist is keeping the following wire in stock in Atlanta and Orlando in increments of 250/1000 ft spools, boxes, and reels.

Sensor and Control Cable
     o Shielded and Unshielded Plenum Rated Cable
     o Variety of Conductors
     o Different Color Options
     o Varying Gauge (AWG) Options
     o Box and Reel Options
Networking Cable
     o CAT5E and CAT6E
     o Terminated Patch Cables (Plenum Rated)
          Stocked in 7/15/25/50/75 ft lengths
Building Automation Cable
     o BACnet Wire
     o LON Wire
     o Trane Comm Wire
     o Echelon and KNX