Learn How to Control HVAC Equipment

Without a 5-Year Apprenticeship



This course is targeted towards salespersons, technicians, designers, operators, consulting engineers, and project managers who have at least 6 months of experience with BAS systems or have been through our BAS fundamentals course.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge:

Fundamental awareness of the parts and pieces of BAS.


  • Master how HVAC systems function and how to control them
  • Demonstrate knowledge of BAS controls theory in HVAC systems
  • Develop the ability to make design and programming decisions based on system requirements

Course Benefits:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully Online
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Regularly updated course material
  • Live bi-weekly office hours 

Key Topics:

This course will solve the issue of finding building automation professionals that understand HVAC and "systems thinking". This course will teach what a building professional needs to know about HVAC systems and how to control HVAC systems. Some of these courses key topics are:

  • Learn what control sequences are and how control sequences are structured.
  • Master the step-by-step process of interpreting control sequences.
  • Create the foundational system knowledge that allows the student to understand the relationship between space control and upstream systems.
  • Discover the different ways of controlling and conditioning the airstream along with the interrelationships between air systems and water systems.
  • Learn what hot water systems are, how they are controlled, and how other systems interact with and influence hot water systems.
  • Gain an awareness of how and why chilled water systems are used, the methods and processes that control chilled water systems, and the limitations of chilled water systems.
  • Learn what the different strategies for pumping and piping are and how these strategies affect the control and efficiency of water-based heating and cooling.
  • Learn how unitary systems are controlled and how the effect existing building systems.
  • Discover the multiple forms of integration, how the integration process works, and how to interpret integration specifications.

Succesful Completion:

Successful completion will require:

Completion of all video lessons and successfully passing the course final exam with a score of 90% or greater. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of completion with your name and you will be added into the BAM database. 


When will the class start?

The class is online and self-paced. As soon as you enroll you will have life long access.

How do I access the videos?

All of our videos are available on our course website which is supported by the best-in-class online training platform Thinkific. You will be able to watch the course videos online or download the course videos/audio to consume the content offline.

Do I have access to the course at set times?

No, as soon as the course opens you will have full access to all of the modules. There will be a series of e-mails we send out with suggested timelines but if you want to consume the entire course over a couple of days you are more than welcome to do so.

Student Testimonials:

I feel really good about using this course because you can complete it on your own time. and being in controls we're traveling all the time so trying to get us in a classroom setting is very difficult. I've actually gone thru controls courses at MATC and I feel that your method of teaching was great and even better than being in a classroom setting.

by David Akey

Great course for someone like me this has very little experience with how these systems work. I really like the whiteboard and mapping out the sequences so I can visualize what's happening. Your explaining the processes of all these different systems, how they are controlled, and how they come together has given me some confidence that I now will have at least a general idea of what I'm dealing with when in the field. Thanks!

by Brendan Moore