CyberPower manufactures professional-grade power protection equipment. These proven, trusted power management solutions meet the most critical requirements of small-to-medium businesses, corporate offices, healthcare, government and education facilities. Stromquist is proud to stock UPS systems, Power Distribution Units (PDU), Surge Supressors, and Racks.

Protecting Operations

Businesses depend on reliable power for daily operations, and CyberPower ensures you get peak performance and continuity across every level of your organization. We're not talking about just keeping the lights on but keeping business moving along at all times.

Powering Your Network

Servers and networks need to be available at all times. UPS systems help prevent data loss when there is a disruption in power and allow for safe shutdown during extended outages.

Protection Designed for Automation

Designed for IoT technologies, the BAS34U24V is a UPS system with 120vac input and battery backed up 24vdc output. It protects controller and server platforms, networking devices, data loggers, remote facility monitors, and other equipment from power disruptions to avoid loss of vital data and service failures. This UPS system is the first in a series of automation power-protection products to safeguard equipment within building automation systems (BAS), energy management systems (EMS) and other production-related systems that run smart buildings and factories.