The Most Capable Valve in HVAC 

Belimo's Energy Valve is a cloud-connected pressure independent valve that monitors coil performance and energy consumption while maintaining the Delta T. It also has an exclusive glycol monitoring feature to ensure glycol content meets design needs. Since its market launch in 2012, the Energy Valve has won 20 awards from industry organizations worldwide. Today, thousands of these smart valves help to reduce the operating costs in buildings. 

How the Energy Valve Can Help You

  • Monitor glycol content to help increase overall heat transfer and pumping efficiency
  • Reduce pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste zone operations
  • Provide reliable operation and occupant comfort
  • Give real time technical support via cloud technology
  • Ensure coils are dynamically balanced offering True Flow control
  • Allow for expanded system integration and BMS control with the addition of Modbus, RTU and TCP/IP
  • Communicate BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP, and Belimo MP-Bus
  • Provide an analog feedback signal for valve flow, power, temperature or position

One Solution with Many Benefits

Advanced System Optimization through cloud technology provides analysis of captured and stored system data to improve heat transfer performance, enabling increased energy savings and improved system performance. 

Glycol Monitoring with an advanced algorithm monitors the percentage of glycol content in the system to ensure concentration meets design needs. Glycol concentration percentage is a BACnet object that can be integrated into the Building Management System (BMS) for continuous monitoring or to generate an alarm. 

Energy Meter measures energy usage, flow and differential temperature across the coil creating load transparency. 

Power Control allows you to set power output to a specific value in a linear response. Coil and valve characteristics become irrelevant. Coil control is now both pressure and temperature independent. 

Delta T Managerâ„¢ continuously monitors the coil Delta T and compares it to the desired Delta T setpoint. If the actual Delta T is below the setpoint, the valve will readjust flow to bring Delta T back to the desired setpoint. 

True Flow is achieved with the built-in electronic flow meter which can be shared with the DDC system. Flow verification is simple and troubleshooting is fast. 

Dynamic Balancing provides pressure independent operation by maintaining constant flow regardless of pressure differential fluctuations. 

Coil Data is stored for up to 13 months on the actuator and a lifetime on the cloud to provide ongoing commissioning. This valuable data gives a level of operation transparency that was never previously available. 

Characterized Control Valve Technology improves light load control, provides self-cleaning, higher close-off, and zero leakage.

Communication enables the ability to read values and write settings through BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, and Belimo MP Bus networks.

Start Saving on Your Energy Costs

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