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HW IAQ Solutions

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is fastly becoming a polarizing topic that many buildings are starting to focus on. It can be a complicated and somewhat confusing process. We aim to change that. So, if you are looking to make your building, classroom, or office space a healthier and safer environment, reach out to us today to begin the process and see how simple we can make it!

LMV 3/5 Burner System

The LMV3/5 Linkageless Burner Management System sets the standard high - from easy installation, programming and commissioning to reliable, proven control. If you are looking for a burner management system give LMV a look!

Penn Controls

Penn Controls has a full range of solutions for temperature, water, pressure, and air. They also have humidity and  electronic and modular controls.  So, no matter the application you have Penn has a solution for you! 

ControlEdge™ HC900

HC900 makes safety and process control easy! The ControlEdge™ HC900 process automation controller is an ideal control solution for user needs ranging from thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and dryers to unit processing in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel, pilot-plant and other applications.

York Chiller Parts

Maintaining the performance of your building's HVAC equipment depends on the quality of its replacement parts. Stromquist & Company is your source for YORK® original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.


IDEC has a complete line of PLCs and HMI that cover a wide array of applications. Let  the technical experts at Stromquist assist you in selecting exactly the parts you need to build your system today!

Tosibox Locks & Keys

With TOSIBOX® you can create a fully secure remote connection within minutes, and without special IT skills. You can build and manage networks and IoT infrastructures with the easily expandable and timeless solution.

HVAC Sensors

Building Automation Products, Inc. (BAPI) is a premier sensor manufacturer for HVAC/R. Specializing in sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, wireless and air quality monitoring..

Here is a list of our current and past featured products, in case you missed one. Return to this page often to stay up to date on our featured products. 

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Blue Ridge Lighting Controls

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Functional Devices (RIB)

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Optigo Networking

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Schneider Electric


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