FIN Framework 5

Open, Fast, Robust, Extensible


Supports new open standards and latest IOT, including Haystack 4


New DB builder, templating and SkyFoundry 3.0 DB compatibility


Enhanced Cyber security, improved development/quality processes


Even easier to develop on, improved API documentation

Migration & Maintenance

Easy, one click upgrade from 4.5

SkyFoundry Compatibility

Now supports clustering and replication

Deployable on Multiple Platforms

  • Embeddable control engine with easy to use configuration UI that supports line by line, function block and state machine control logic options
  • Highly intuitive graphical UI for touchscreen and browser accessible supervisory applications, with easy to create dashboarding, smart alarming, and fault detection diagnostics
  • Hosted in the cloud, can be containerized for ease of deployment
  • Uses AWS for highly secure authenticated remote site connectivity to simplify multi-site portfolio management

FIN Framework 5 Reduces engineering time by 50%

  • Folio 3.0 database
  • Support for clustering and replication
  • New DB Builder UI tool with multiple tree views
  • Drag and drop selection – greater engineering efficiency
  • Auto-generated configuration from import utility
  • Faster large query performance