The S55XBE series viewing heads offer multiple sensor options of IR, UVTron, and IR/UV for flexibility to meet a wide array of applications. The system is not adversely affected by x-rays and gamma rays during operation, making them ideal for monitoring all fuel flames and single or multiple burners firing multiple fuels.

Model P522 are fail-safe, self-checking signal processors that are used with two switched S55XBE series viewing heads. They offer independent gain adjustments for each sensor and multiple flicker set points for IR, which makes them ideal for applications where a high level of discrimination is required.

The U2S Series is an all-in-one integrated processor and viewing head system which is uniquely suited for single or multi-burner, multi-fuel, and difficult flame detection applications. The all-in-one solution eliminates the need for a separate processor, which saves on cabinets and wiring.