More Power, More Performance, More Connectivity

Expanding upon the groundbreaking IDEC FC6A Micro PLC, the FC6A Plus can control large machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities with:

  • Up to 2060 I/O, with a maximum of 511 analog I/O
  • Extremely fast basic instruction execution of 21 nanoseconds
  • 800 kB (100K steps) of program memory
  • Extensive data memory, more than double the capacity of a typical micro PLC

Superior Design


USB Bus Power

The MicroSmart PLC’s USB port can be used to transfer its software program from a PC to the CPU without connecting a power supply. The USB connection from the PC also provides power to the CPU, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in for program upload or download, or for monitoring by a PC.


Replaceable Battery

The MicroSmart PLC’s battery can be easily replaced. Warning of low battery level is provided both at the CPU via an LED, and through a special data register which can be used to trigger an alarm on the HMI or send an email alert.

Battery indicator using special data register D8056. Could trigger alarm on HMI or send Email alert to replace new battery.

Cartridge Expansion or HMI Module

Cartridge Expansion Module Features:

  • Ability to expand digital, analog, serial or Bluetooth cartridges
  • Up to (2) cartridges can be configured
HMI Module Features:
  • An optional HMI module can be added to provide operator interface. It’s a great way to provide visual indication and allow the operators to adjust any parameters in the PLC. The HMI module can also accommodate an optional plug-in analog cartridge, and it has an integral Ethernet port.

SD Memory Slot

This is used for data logging. It is crtical for applications that require record keeping such as Pharmaceutical and Medical industries.

  • Store and transfer user programs
    • OEM can easily update their machines program using standard SD Memory card
    • Convenient and cost effective
  • Update Firmware for CPU and expansion modules can easily be updated using SD memory card
  • Recipe Functions
    • Recipe files can be read from and written to the SD memory card

Removable Terminal Blocks

Simplifies wiring, installation and moudle replacement-just wire a terminal block and plug it into a module. 

Up to 63 Expansion Modules

Up to 63 expansion modules make the MicroSmart FC6A Plus the most powerful in the market.

Ultimate Performance

Enormous 800kB (100,000 steps) programming memory