FL1F SmartRelay

6th-Generation SmartRelay

Intelligently Designed

Over the years, the IDEC FL1F SmartRelay has proven to be a reliable and dependable controller for many control applications requiring limited I/O. Along with its universal voltage, built-in analog inputs, 10 Amp relay outputs, and web server functions, we’ve enhanced it with more features suited for today’s demanding IIoT environments, now and into the future. Controls system will be even smarter and more efficient with these new FL1F SmartRelay features!


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Smart Features

Micro SD Card

Up to 20,000 data sets can be logged and stored to a Micro SD card. This card can also be used for program storage, and for transfer of program data from one controller to another.

RJ45 Ethernet Port

Remote Program download/upload/monitor:

  • Integrated web server for remote monitoring and control
  • Easily create web pages without the need of HTML knowledge
  • Connection to Display Panel

Universal Voltage

  • 12-24VDC
  • 24VDC
  • 24VAC/DC
  • 100-240VAC/DC

Expansion Interface and New & Improved LCD Display

The FL1F SmartRelay has a new and improved LCD operator interface which can display 6 lines, each with up to 20 characters. Selectable white, amber or red backlighting allows operators to easily distinguish alarm and alert status at a distance.

The Expansion Interface allows you to:

  • Add expansion modules for additional I/O
  • Up to 12 expansion modules can be added
  • Total I/O: 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs,
    8 analog inputs,8 analog outputs

Operational Control Butons (LCD Model) & Digital Outputs

Units with onboard LCD /keypad, programs can be written without the need of software. Users can easily adjust set point, preset value, and Timers and Counters.

Each SmartRelay is equipped with 4 relays or transistor outputs. Each relay is rated at 10A per point. As a result, interface relay is not required. Save wiring time and cost. A maximum of 20 outputs can be configured.


Access Tool for easy interaction with Microsoft Excel

Easily communicate directly with Excel without the extra tool or device to view, trace, update and log FL1F SmartRelay variables

Modbus TCP Client/Server

FL1F SmartRelays can be configured as Client or Server for easy communication with other Modbus TCP devices.

Web Page Editor

Create a professional dynamic user web page
Using standard web browser, easily access, monitor and control your SmartRelay system.

iOS and Android Apps

Monitor and Control your machine from your mobile device

  • Download free IDEC Apps from Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Enable you to view I/O status, change analog set points, and Timer and Counter value with your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  • A convenient to stay on top of your system

Visual Interface

An external Text Display Panel, which mimics the CPU display, is also available to provide an additional operator interface point. A maximum 6 lines and 20 characters. Using standard Ethernet cable, the Text Display Panel can be easily connected to the FL1F SmartRelay base module without the need for special interface cable. The new SmartRelay TDP also offers selectable white, orange, and red backlighting for optical emphasis.