What is FIN?

FIN is a software technology that combines the core functionality of a Building Automation System (BAS) for connecting and controlling devices, with the added benefits of a Building Operating System (BOS) to manage and leverage data. The technology uses tagging and data modeling to provide unprecedented capabilities and functionality. The Haystack open standard also provides options and choices for the best combination of solutions from the wider collaborative Haystack community.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

Graphics: With FIN graphics are generated automatically with navigation, point summaries, and links to histories that work with out any laborious setup. If you do want custom graphics they can be created quickly with the best tools in the industry.

Histories: Create ad hoc charts to compare data on the fly using drag and drop points. Utilize the powerful roll up feature and even share custom views with a simple URL e-mail.

bLINE Logic: FIN took the simplicity of block programming and the powerful logic of line programming to create a new combo called "bLINE". With bLINE you can create control sequences once and reuse them everywhere.

Alarms & Fault Detection: FIN has changed the approach to alarming and have made creating and managing alarms much easier. Now you can create alarms and FDD sequences once and reuse them everywhere.  

Schedules: A brand new approach to scheduling, we have eliminated the difficulty of linking schedules to equipment and the labor intensive aspects of schedule management. 

Notes App: The new notes app is built-in to FIN enabling you and your customers to add messages related to any equipment in the database. Notes can be sorted, assigned to users, and even have open/closed status.