The FX-PCV4911-0 and FX-PCA1930-0 are the newest additions to the Facility Explorer family of controllers. They require PCT version 10.3 to program.

These IP controllers meet the needs of customers who prefer or require using Ethernet/IP networking to interconnect BAS components.

Using a high speed Ethernet infrastructure increases network performance and bandwidth, enables faster troubleshooting, and enables faster downloads and upgrades so Facility Explorer customers can get the most out of their systems.

Product Features


  • 28 Input/Output (I/O) points
  • BTL-listed as a BACnet Advanced Application Controller 
  • Real time clock for scheduling, alarming and trending
  • Star or daisy-chain topologies allowed


  • IP Programmable VAV box controller with integral actuator and digital differential pressure transducer
  • 8 input/output (I/O) points
  • BTL-listed as a BACnet Advanced Application Controller 
  • Real time clock for scheduling, alarming and trending 
  • Star or daisy chain topologies allowed


BACnet IP VAV Ctlr - 3UI 3BO 2CO

Item #: FX-PCV1930-0
Brand: Johnson Controls
Supplier Part #: FX-PCV1930-0

BACnet IP VAV Ctlr - 3UI 3BO 2CO