Building Networks Solutions

Networks & Security just got a lot easier

Stromquist & Company is proud to announce the addition of the OPTiGO product line. OPTiGO delivers highly resilient building network solutions. That in turn create secure, comfortable, and sustainable building networks. Let Stromquist be your source for all things Networking!

Optigo Layout:

Optigo Products:

Optigo Connect:

-Smart Aggregation Switch Simplifies your Network

-Creates 1 virtual switch with up to 1028 distributed ports

-OneView lets you manage the network from a central location

-Extend Network Reach

-Supports all protocols for Security and Automation

-A wide variety of Edge Switches with various sizes and mounting options

-Network Controllers and Smart Aggregation Switches designed specifically for  deploying passive optical networking

Visual BACNet:

-Advanced Visualization Tool for BAS providers

-Analytics Engine quickly identifies common problems within the Network

- Techs and Facility Operators can quickly identify issues, create reports, track problem devices, and analyze packet traffic

-Troubleshoot, monitor, and service your network from one location

-Asses, Visualize, Diagnose, Trend and Optimize your Network quickly and easily