Fan Speed Controls

Durable motor speed controls keep fans operating efficiently across heating and cooling applications.


P266 Series

P266 Series single-phase condenser fan speed controls are cost-effective, weather-resistant, durable motor speed controls, designed for approved single-phase, permanent split-capacitor (PSC) motors common to many refrigeration and air conditioning condenser fan applications. Some P266 controls provide optional control of up to three auxiliary (fixed-speed) fans or fan stages. Some models also provide two high-voltage triacs to split the source power to the main and auxiliary windings, and connect a low-speed capacitor to increase efficiency at low-speed operation.


VFD68 variable frequency drives deliver three-phase motor speed control for HVAC/R applications. The drive is designed for HVAC and refrigeration condensing unit fan speed control, but it can also be set up to control pumps, blowers, and fans in cooling and heating applications.

P215PR Series

P215PR direct-mount single phase condenser fan speed controllers are pressure-actuated to vary the speed of single-phase motors. Speed variation of the fan on an air-cooled condenser controls the refrigeration system’s head pressure, for optimum performance year-round. These controllers can be used with non-corrosive refrigerants.

P215RM Series

The new P215RM (Remote Mount) controls condenser fans speeds in situations where mounting space is limited, or the refrigeration line is too thin to carry the controller’s weight. It can be screwed to a side panel and connected to the refrigeration line via flexible hose or copper capillary. The controller’s all-in bracket design is part of the complete aluminum housing.


P66 Series

P66 Series electronic fan speed controls offer an alternative to fan cycling control for small and medium HVAC applications. These electronic motor-speed controllers are for use with single-phase permanent split-capacitor motors approved by the motor manufacturer for speed control applications. P66 controls directly sense condenser refrigerant pressure and automatically adjust the condenser fan motor speed accordingly


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