Humidity Controls

Control humidification and dehumidification, with options for multistage control and alarming.


System 450™

System 450™ is a family of modular, digital electronic controls, easy to assemble and set up for reliable temperature, pressure, and humidity control for a wide variety of HVAC/R, commercial process, and industrial process applications. Create application-specific systems to control temperature, pressure, humidity, or all three at once, with only a small suite of models. Humidity control capabilities include:

  • On/off humidification and dehumidification control
  • Proportional humidification and dehumidification control
  • Multistage humidification and dehumidification control
  • Humidity monitoring and alarming



W42AA humidistats control humidifying and/or dehumidifying equipment. The three-wire device has single-pole, double-throw, snap-acting contacts. Typical applications include exhaust fan operation in electrically heated homes, and humidity control in fruit storage rooms, curing rooms and hospitals.


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