Phoenix Contact is a global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering. They are also a family company working responsibly to shape the future. Together with customers and partners, they design solutions for the future using trend-setting connection and automation technology. Wherever Phoenix Contact is needed – for example, in transportation infrastructure, E-Mobility, for clean water, regenerative energies and intelligent supply networks, or energy-efficient machine building and systems manufacturing. Stromquist is proud to represent Phoenix Contact.

The Terminal Block System for Any Application

Whether you opt for a Push-in, screw, spring-cage, fast, or bolt connection, all of these connection technologies can be freely combined with each other using the same accessories due to the double function shaft.

Advantages Include:

  • Simple PT and PTV Push-in connection
  • Universal UT screw connection
  • Compact ST spring-cage connection
  • Fast QT QUICKON connection
  • COMBI plug-in connection solutions

Terminal blocks in various widths with plug-in bridge shafts can be connected individually. The wire bridges provide maximum flexibility for all bridging tasks between non-adjacent terminal blocks.

The PTV connection is a lateral Push-in connection. This is why PTV is not regarded as a separate connection technology, but rather an extension of PT technology. Nevertheless, this connection is worth mentioning as it combines the advantages of Push-in connection with those of lateral conductor routing.

Bridging between non-adjacent terminal blocks is established by removing individual contact tabs from the standard bridge. Two potentials can then be routed in parallel through a terminal strip. The contact points can also be marked.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Phoenix Contact offers you more real-time, more wireless, more security, and more reliability. Industrial Ethernet from Phoenix Contact can be easily integrated into your automation infrastructure – because we make Ethernet easy. When they say, “We make Ethernet easy,” they are talking about controlling the complexity of high-performance Ethernet networks. Therefore, Phoenix Contact has consistently designed our products with the knowledge, the tools, and the skills of the user in mind, the automation specialist.

One Network, All the Options

Industrial Ethernet has become a proven and established solution in automation – as it is consistent, fast, and extremely flexible. Some of your advantages include:

  • Everything from a single source: in the comprehensive Ethernet range, from the fast connection plug to the backbone switch
  • Extremely secure, thanks to the latest firewall technology and a unique remote maintenance concept
  • Flexible, thanks to tailor-made wireless solutions and interfaces
  • Easy network management with intuitive software for efficient planning, monitoring, and maintenance

Ethernet switches are the communication hubs of your industrial network. They provide reliable, efficient data exchange and can ensure the robustness of your network. Find the right switches for your application!

Advantages Include:

  • The right switch for every application: Unmanaged Switches, intelligent switches, Managed Switches, and layer 3 switches
  • Support for various IT standards and automation protocols such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™
  • Gigabit switches for large networks with high data throughput
  • Power over Ethernet switches for the use of cameras and other PoE end devices

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches from Phoenix Contact impress with their standard functions, variable number of ports, and various designs. In addition to switches for DIN rails, we also offer switches with a 19" design and switches for field installation (IP67). The Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switches with a high level of immunity, robust housing, and wide temperature range are entirely suitable for continuous operation in industrial applications. Special versions for Power over Ethernet make it extremely easy to install your end devices. Select the right Unmanaged Switch for your application.

Intelligent Switches

Their intelligent switches combine the simplicity of an Unmanaged Switch with the intelligence of a Managed Switch. If you use the Ethernet switch in unmanaged mode, it behaves like an Unmanaged Switch. In other words, it does not use an IP address and does not need to be configured. Nonetheless, it offers additional functions for ensuring network robustness such as redundancy mechanisms and filter functions. In managed mode, the various options for quick and easy switch configuration simplify startup and offer many diagnostic functions for your network.

Managed Switches

Phoenix Contact offers a large range of various Managed Switches. They offer optimum real-time properties, prioritization of your data traffic, various options for network diagnostics, and redundancy mechanisms. The robust DIN rail switches are tailored to special requirements in industrial environments and the automation protocols used there, such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™. Gigabit switches support large data volumes. They are also available as PoE switches. Choose from 5 to 24 ports, copper or FO connections (SC, ST/BFOC, SFP), and various approvals.

Ethernet Network Extender

FL WLAN 4321- Easy Wireless Bridge Kit

The FL WLAN 4321 is a pre-configured, high-speed, point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge that allows wireless connection to remote locations of up to two miles. Just mount the hardware, apply power with the included POE injectors, and align the units using the built-in alignment LEDs

4 Easy Steps to Extend Your Network:

  1. Unpack the Hardware
  2. Mount the Hardware
  3. Plug in the Hardware
  4. Leave the Hardware

How Easy is it?

  • No configuration necessary with pre-paired wireless Ethernet bridge
  • A complete set, with all power and mounting hardware in the box
  • No network setup with the wireless bridge, completely transparent to the network
  • Easy deployment – LEDs show connection status. If it lights up, it is linked

Application Examples:

Perimeter Security

Quickly network remote IP-based cameras for video surveillance of assets. High-speed, long-range wireless Ethernet communication allows users to monitor locations that previously have been out of range.

Building to Building Networking

Simply bridge Ethernet networks from one building to another. Remove the need to trench cables to network a new building or bridge ISP (internet service provider) communication from building to building.

Residential & Commercial Asset Networking

A cost-effective solution to network stranded assets like generators, billboards, or remote PLCs to a centralized location. With pre-configured, unique network configurations, installation of multiple units in a local area is possible.

Power Supply Systems

Power supplies, DC/DC converters, Redundancy Modules, & Uninterruptible Power Supplies

You supply your systems safely with our QUINT, TRIO, UNO, and STEP POWER product families. Power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, and uninterruptible power supplies are harmonized to the demands of various industries when it comes to functionality and design. Choose the ideal power supply for your specific applications from our wide range of different product families. The products differ with regard to their design, power, and functionality. They have been optimally tailored to the requirements of various industries, such as machine-building and systems manufacturing, building automation, shipbuilding, and process technology.

Advantages Include:

  • Superior system availability, for example, through the unique development of SFB Technology
  • Operational safety with extremely high-quality components
  • Flexible use: wide temperature range and adjustable output voltage

QUINT Power - Maximum Functionality

The QUINT POWER power supplies with maximum functionality provide superior system availability thanks to SFB Technology and an integrated, individually configurable NFC interface. In the power range below 100 W, even the smallest QUINT POWER power supplies combine preventive function monitoring and a powerful power reserve to deliver superior system availability.

TRIO Power - Standard Functionality

The TRIO POWER power supplies combine standard functionality with high quality and reliability, making them ideal for use in machine building.

UNO Power - Basic Functionality

With their high power density, the UNO POWER power supplies are the ideal solution for loads up to 480 W, particularly in compact control boxes.

QUINT Power TRIO Power UNO Power
Can be Switched in Parallel
Outdoor Installation
Active Function Monitoring
3 Phase Devices
Reliable Starting of Heavy Loads
Preventitive Function Monitoring
NFC Interface