PICV Valves

Optimize Delta T by Maintaining Constant Flow

How PICVs Work:

Hot/chilled water or 50% water-glycol solutions in closed loop systems enter the valve and pass through a variable rectangular adjustable flow limiter (C) that is connected to the ring with the dial (A) for presetting the maximum volumetric flow.

The medium then flows through the temperature control valve (D) with a linear characteristic and a stroke of 5 or 6.5 mm. A powerful spring (B) ensures safe closing.

Before leaving the valve, the medium passes through a second throttling point (E) controlled by the built-in mechanical automatic differential pressure regulator (F).

Advantages of the Siemens PICVs

  1. Valve Actuator
    • Spring return and non-spring return actuators to meet most control requirements
    • Visual position indication and manual override
  2. Field adjustable Flow Limiter
    • Full stroke always maintained with independent flow limiter enabling high accuracy control
    • Easily Adjust maximum flow at any time when usage patterns change. 
    • Presetting prevents oversupply to the coil
  3. Control Valve
    • A comprehensive portfolio of 1/2 to 6 inch PICVs
    • Threaded valves are ANSI Class 250
    • Flanged valves available in ANSI Class 125 and 250
    • 200, 100, and 45 psi close-offs with ANSI Class IV Leakage
    • Brass trim with stainless steel stem
  4. Automatic Differential Pressure Regulator
    • Automatically adjusts to pressure fluctuations in the system, maintaining consistent flow at any given control setting, providing better comfort and lower energy consumption
    • No mutual hydronic interaction between branches with different operational situations, preventing over or under supply
    • Fast commissioning with extremly simplified hydronic balancing
  5. Optional P/T (Pressure/Temperature) Test Points
    • Straightforward testing and setting of optium differential pressure when commissioning
    • Allow simplified troubleshooting during system operation
    • P/T plug set accesory kit part number(599-10079)


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Check out this short video to learn more about controlling Delta T and how the new Siemens PICVs can save you money and conserve energy. Room temperatures will stay the same regardless of pressure fluctuations. Helping you to maximize Delta T,  optimize your flow control, and increase efficiency.