Combustion Management Powered by SLATE

Honeywell has been a superb resource for combustion components for decades. Now, that quality is available in a complete solution with a pre-wired, fully assembled boiler control system for commercial and industrial boiler applications. It is ideal for 10M to 100M BTU and comes complete with a panel, program display screen, and the ability to add single- or dual-fuel pipe trains with custom mounting arrangements.

Using SLATE’s revolutionary integration of safety and programmable logic in a single, powerful platform, this solution significantly streamlines and simplifies the install, start-up and commissioning process – so you can get your job up and running more quickly and easily.

Seamless integration with BAS: built-in BACnet and Modbus services enable easy connection with building automation systems, providing easy access to current boiler status information.

Remote troubleshooting: remotely access the system via web services or a mobile device using an IP address to help monitor and troubleshoot from anywhere.

Intuitive touchscreen interface: simple, easy-to-understand messages and graphics help make more timely, informed decisions.

Standard Configured Options

Control Panel

  • SLATE control pre-programmed with boiler-specific logic:
    • Fuel air ratio control with O2 trim
    • Limits for stack temp
    • Valve proving
    • Compliance with NFPA 85 and ASME CSD-1
  • 7” or 10” color touchscreen display with enhanced graphics
  • Enclosure: Type 12, 4 or 4X
  • Class I Div 2 options


  • O2 sensors in 8”, 15” and 23” lengths
  • Actuators from 50 to 900 in-lbs and optional Class I Div 2, factory-calibrated valves from 0.5” for low flow up to 18” butterfly-wafer 
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) ranging from 3 to 30 HP
  • Flame sensor options that include IR, UV and shutter-check
  • Numerous pressure and temperature sensor and limit options

Boiler Software

  • Hot standby
  • Light-off hold
  • Forced rate
  • Assured low-fire cut-off
  • Outdoor temperature compensation
  • Flue gas recirculation
  • Multiple fuel configurations

Hands-on Training and support

If you need help, we can facilitate training sessions that cover install, start-up and commissioning, operation and maintenance.  Depending on your region, we can recommend a qualified contractor for installation.