Tosibox simplifies and secures the Internet Of Things. You can easily implement a Tosibox Configuration with a plug and go setup without any special IT skills. Tosibox makes the legacy hardware and the future systems compatible so that it is scalable. Tosibox is an internet connection, operator, and device agnostic for both internal and external networks, meaning Tosibox works with any internet provider. 

Tosibox is very secure with its two-factor authentication setup. This means it needs a specific key and a password that only you know to access your devices connected to the LOCK device. Automatic security updates and the latest encryption technology keep all your devices safe from intruders.  Also, Tosibox utilizes point to point data flow; which is where data streams directly between the two modules and uses no cloud, this will provide fast access when needed.

Benefits of IoT Networks:

1. Remote Control of Networks: Appliances in different locations can be remotely monitored 24/7, enabling superior response time.
2. Remote Data Collection: Collect and analyze data remotely from anywhere.
3. Remote Access: Enabling prediction of equipment breakdown and remote maintenance.

Tosibox Quick Facts:

• Tosibox enables secure remote control and allows for standard deployment every time. You can use the same network configuration every time, instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every location. The configuration can be automated so that deployment takes around 15 seconds. 

• Tosibox can safely connect a network of devices, which is entirely separate from the IP network and your corporate network.

• Tosibox allows you to easily grant various levels of access to technicians, subcontractors, or customers outside of your network. All done with a simple drag and drop. 

• Tosibox is compatible with all industrial automation brands and providers.