BACnet Thermostats

Wifi Thermostats for Advanced Applications

UbiquiSTAT ™

The UbiquiSTAT is a feature rich, multipurpose touchscreen thermostat for a wide variety of applications. This series of thermostats can be configured for a variety
of conventional, heat pump, and modulating control applications.

The UbiquiSTAT line of BACnet thermostats is designed for any BACnet project where simplicity and rapid deployment are paramount. The BTL-listed BACnet thermostats and edge devices from TCS are designed to deploy quickly without the need for extensive programming or configuration.

Genius of Simple

For nearly 35 years, TCS has made the complex world of controls easier. We changed the direction of the industry with Ubiquity™ – the first secure, cloud-based EMS that made building automation practical and affordable for multi-site businesses like branch banks and retail stores. Now we’ve introduced the UbiquiSTAT series of commercial BACnet thermostats. Manufactured at our Middleton, WI factory, the UbiquiSTAT line was built from the ground up to make BACnet simple.

List of Features:

  • 4.3” color touchscreen
  • Internal BACnet Object Explorer
  • All BACnet points open and discoverable
  • Economizer control
  • Demand ventilation
  • Hot water, chilled water, mixing valve control
  • Modulating frequency drive for fan speed control
  • Hot deck, cold deck, zone control
  • Aquastat control
  • Advanced fan control
  • And much more!

Lower engineering and commissioning costs

All BACnet points are visible, well-described and available through the onboard touchscreen BACnet Explorer. A startup wizard, system test mode and configuration screens make programming a snap.

Open and easy to use

UbiquiSTAT runs in standalone mode, native BACnet, or TCSbus. Whether you choose Ubiquity Cloud or a Niagara-based solution for your energy management system, you’re covered with TCS.

Simple product selection

With just 4 color touchscreen UbiquiSTAT models, you’ll know you’ve got the right controls for the job. From single-stage and zoning to multi-stage and AHU control, the application-specific UbiquiSTAT puts you confidently in control.

Energy Management Software

A Complete Energy Management Platform

TCS provides affordable enterprise energy management, building controls and installation services for building owners and commercial contractors

Ubiquity Cloud

Ubiquity Cloud is a powerful, simple to operate building and energy management platform for multi-site building owners. Manage all locations from a single Cloud-based interface. Ubiquity Cloud turns building data into actionable intelligence to optimize equipment operation and occupant comfort.

Ubiquity Cloud puts you in control. Whether you’re the local store manager or a regional facilities director three states away, taking command of your energy and operational costs has never been easier.

The Ubiquity Cloud Building and Energy Management System was designed for retail, banking, restaurant, education and other multi-site enterprises for remote management and control of energy usage while reducing operational costs.

Features Include:

  • Auto-detection and simple configuration
  • Monitor live data and alarms
  • Every data point is monitored & trended
  • Unlimited Custom Alarm Distribution List
    • Sent via e-mail, or SMS Text
  • Globally add or change programs settings, alarms, or schedules across multiple sites
  • Graphically display reports and preview site & units operational status

Easy to Use

While there are many useful and intuitive features in Ubiquity Cloud, the one benefit that stands out is how easy the platform is to learn and use.

Scalable and Open

Meet the BACnet spec with a solution designed and priced for smaller buildings and multi-site enterprises.

Secure and Reliable

With no hardware or software to install and support, IT departments appreciate the low impact of Ubiquity Cloud.