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1 Input 1 SPDT 1 Sensor

Item #: T775A2009

Product Info

00085267299152, 241-16, 2548574, 611867525, L6018F1041, T415B1987, T415B1995, T415B2035, T415B2043, T415B2092, T415B1771, T415B1789, T415B1862, T415B1870, T415B1912, T415B1920, T415A312XC, T415A323XC, T415A335XC, T415A351XC, T415A352XC, T415A354XC, T415A1764, T415A177, T415A24X, T415A25X, T415A26X, T415A308XC, T415A1673, T415A1681, T415A169, T415A170, T415A1723, T415A1731, TR415M1023, TR415M1031, T415A1582, T415A159, T415A1590, T415A160, T675A1060, T675A1425, T7075A1008, T7079A1004, T775A1001, TC-4115, T615A1595, T615A1645, T615A1652, T615A321XC, T615A330XC, T615A347XC, T615A1355, T615A1439, T615A1447, T615A1488, T615A1496, T615A1587, T415M1084, T415M1XC, T415M4XC, T431J1016, T6031A1001, T6031C1033, T415B324XC, T415B338XC, T415B345XC, T415M1019, T415M1027, T415M1043, T415A2150, T415A2168, T415B1615, T415B1680, T415B1722, T415B1730, T415A1848, T415A1897, T415A1905, T415A1947, T415A1954, T415A2028

1 Input 1 SPDT 1 Sensor

View Accessories

8In Duct Temp Pt1000 T775x2xxx
Wall Mount Sensor PT1000 - T775x2xxx
Immersion Sensor 5in for T775x2xxx
PT1000 Strap-On Sensor w/Box T775x2xxx
Outdoor Air Temp Sensor T775x2xxx
Water-resistant Sensor for T775x2xxx
Water Tight Sensor for T775x2xxx

Item Specifications

  • 24 Vac or 120/240 Vac
  • NEMA 1
  • 1
  • Standard
  • 1 SPDT
  • 50021579-001
  • 2.3 lbs per EA

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