Atlanta Counter Current Transmitters Selection Guide

Stocked Current Transmitters/Transducer

A current transducer reads current and generates a signal for its output. In this case, current is sensed and converted (transduced) into a proportional output (milli-amp or voltage). Output types include: 4 – 20mA, 0 – 5Vdc, 0 – 10Vdc, 1Vac, or 0.333Vac. The output range can then be interpreted by software to produce a current reading.

Part Number Description Output Vendor
H720 Solid Core, Adjustable 20-200A 4-20mA Veris
H921 Split Core, 0-30/60/120A 4-20mA
H922 Split Core, 0-30/60/120A 0-5VDC
H923 Split Core, 0-20/100/150A 0-10VDC & Self-powered
CTS-10-250-VDC-001 Solid Core, 0-100/200/250A 0-10VDC ACI