Atlanta Counter Definite Purpose Contactors Selection Guide

DP Contactors 

Definite purpose contactors and starters are electrically operated switching devices specifically designed for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) industry. They are subjected to stringent quality assurance inspections and testing procedures. Suitable for low duty-cycle applications requiring low cost switching of single- and three-phase loads, such as small motors and resistive heating loads.

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1 Pole

Part Number Amp Rating Coil Voltage
8910DP11V14 20A 24v AC
DP1030A5014 30A 24v AC w/ Shunt

2 Pole

Part Number Amp Rating Coil Voltage
DP2020A5022 20A 24v AC
DP2020B5039 20A 120v AC
DP2030A1004 30A 24v AC
DP2030A5013 30A 24v AC
8910DP32V14 30A 24v AC
8910DP32V02 30A 120v AC
DP2030B1003 30A 120v AC
DP2030B5004 30A 120v AC
DP2030C5011 30A 208/240 AC
DP2030D5002 30A 277v AC
DP2040A1003 40A 24v AC
DP2040A5004 40A 24v AC
8910DP42V14 40A 24v AC
8910DP42V02 40A 120v AC
8910DP42V09 40A 208/240v AC

3 Pole

Part Number Amp Rating Coil Voltage
DP3030A5004 30A 24v AC
DP3030B5003 30A 120v AC
DP3030C5002 30A 208/240v AC
8910DPA33V04 30A 277v AC
8910DPA33V06 30A 480v AC
8910DPA43V14 40A 24v AC
DP3040A5003 40A 24v AC
DP3040B5002 40A 120v AC
8910DPA43V02 40A 120v AC
DP3040C5001 40A 208/240v AC
8910DPA43V09 40A 208/240v AC
8910DPA43V06 40A 480v AC
DP3050A5002 50A 24v AC
8910DPA53V14 50A 24v AC
8910DPA53V02 50A 120v AC
8910DPA53V09 50A 208/240v AC
8910DPA53V06 50A 480v AC
8910DA63V14 60A 24v AC
DP3060A5001/U 60A 24v AC
DP3060B5010 60A 120v AC
8910DPA63V02 60A 120v AC
DP3060C5008 60A 208/240v AC
8910DPA63V09 60A 208/240v AC
8910DPA63V06 60A 480v AC
8910DPA73V02 75A 120v AC
8910DPA93V14 90A 24v AC
DP3090B5007 90A 120v AC

4 Pole

Part Number Amp Rating Coil Voltage
DP4040A5002 40A 24v AC
DP4040B5001/U 40A 120v AC
DP4040C1008 40A 208/240v AC