Atlanta Counter Pneumatic Selection Guide

Pneumatic Thermostats by Brand

Pneumatic Pilot Tubes (Pick Up)

Part Number Description Static/Total
21117-112 4in Static Pressure Probe Barbed Conn 4 inch Static Pressure Pitot Tube Prope Asperation type 1 1/2 inch mounting flange 1/8 x 1/4 Barbed Connection Static
21117 4in Static Pressure Pitot Tube Probe 4 inch Static Pressure Probe Asperation type. 1 1/2 Mounting flange; 1/4 inch smooth tube connection. Static
A-301 Pitot Tube Compression Fitting .25 Static pressure tip, for 1/4in metal tubing connection. This has a right angled tip Static
A-302 Static Press Pitot Tube Barb Fitting .25 Static pressure tip, for 3/16in and 1/8in ID plastic or rubber tubing. This has a right angled tip. Static
21121-112 4in Pick Up Pilot Tube for total pressure. This has a barbed connection. Total
1729 Pick Up Pitot Tube For Total Pressure 61-01729-00 with a curved tip Total

Pneumatic Calibration Kit & Pieces

Stromquist Pneumatic Calibration Kit

It can be tough to remember all the tools you need to calibrate and work on each thermostat brand when it comes to pneumatics. That is why we created the Stromquist Pneumatic Kit! It contains most of the tools you need to do work on many of the major brands. You can always shop piece by piece below if you know which part you need.  

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Part Number Description Brand Included in Stromquist Kit
JC5309 Flexible Calibration Screwdriver w/ Allen Head Johnson Controls
T-4000-119 Small Blue Adjustment Tool w/ Hex Head Johnson Controls
JC5310 Testing Gauge & Adaptor Johnson Controls
JC5312 Gauge Adaptor for Calibration Johnson Controls
JC5361 Test Probe Assembly w/ Needle Johnson Controls
102D-158C 1.5in 0-30# Pressure Gauge 1/8in Back Connect PIC Gauges
Squeeze Kit Squeeze Bulb & Test Gauge Kit Schneider Electric
TOOL-082 TK Series Calibration Wrench Schneider Electric
M-312 Plastic Tubing Cutter Schneider Electric
CCT735A TP970/HP970 Series Calibration Wrench Honeywell
CCT729A Gauge Adaptor for Calibration Honeywell
CCT950 Rubber Tube Holder/Finger Saver Honeywell
M-225 Manual Hand Pump Schneider Electric
20-881 2212 Series Calibration Wrench Schneider Electric
TOOL-078 TK Series Test Gauge Adaptor Schneider Electric
TOOL-087 TK Series Needle & Adaptor Schneider Electric
192-633 Calibration Kit - Wrench, Needle, Probe, Gauge Siemens
192-632 192 Series Calibration Wrench Siemens