Commercial Control Panels

Get a Head Start on the job!

Each Commercial Panel Includes:

Our 24-volt commercial control panels are a great way to jump-start your control projects. They feature pre-wired/mounted terminals, transformer, and wire-duct. With a couple of different layouts to choose from, we can help make any application a breeze. Save time and resources by using these pre-wired control panels. Contact us today to see how quickly we can get one of our panels out to your job site and get you up and running. Or, if you need something a little bit more custom, let our engineered solutions department assist today!

  • NEMA 1 Enclosure
  • Perforated Back Plate
  • 100VA 24VAC Transformer with circuit breaker and convenience outlet
  • 24VAC Power Distribution Block with insulation displacement connections 
  • 120VAC Incoming Power Terminals prewired to transformer primary
  • Vertical or horizontal layout

Save Time and Resources

Shop all of our Layouts Below!

Sizes range from 20" x 16" up to 36" x 30"

Need a custom built panel for your application?

Stromquist's Engineered Solutions Department can assist with design and fabrication of your custom control panel.

Shop Our CCP Panels Below:

Panel Part # Height Width Depth Layout Enclosure Series
CCP-N01G-201606-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 20in 16in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 20in 20in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 20in 20in 6in Vertical Saginaw
CCP-N01G-242006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 24in 20in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 24in 24in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 24in 24in 6in Vertical Saginaw
CCP-N01G-302406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 30in 24in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-303008-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 30in 30in 8in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-363006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 36in 30in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-363006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 36in 30in 6in Vertical Saginaw
CCP-N01S-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 20in 20in 6in Horizontal Siemens
CCP-N01S-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 20in 20in 6in Vertical Siemens
CCP-N01S-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 24in 24in 6in Vertical Siemens
CCP-N01S-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 24in 24in 6in Horizontal Siemens
CCP-N01S-362406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 36in 24in 6in Horizontal Siemens
CCP-N01S-362406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 36in 24in 6in Vertical Siemens