Commercial Control Panels

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Each Commercial Panel Includes:

  • NEMA 1 Enclosure
  • Perforated Back Plate
  • 100VA 24VAC Transformer with circuit breaker and convenience outlet
  • 24VAC Power Distribution Block with insulation displacement connections 
  • 120VAC Incoming Power Terminals prewired to transformer primary
  • Vertical or horizontal layout

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Sizes range from 20" x 16" up to 36" x 30"

Need a custom built panel for your application?

Stromquist's Engineered Solutions Department can assist with design and fabrication of your custom control panel.

Panel Part # Height Width Depth Layout Enclosure Series
CCP-N01G-201606-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 20in 16in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 20in 20in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 20in 20in 6in Vertical Saginaw
CCP-N01G-242006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 24in 20in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 24in 24in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 24in 24in 6in Vertical Saginaw
CCP-N01G-302406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 30in 24in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-303008-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 30in 30in 8in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-363006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 36in 30in 6in Horizontal Saginaw
CCP-N01G-363006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 36in 30in 6in Vertical Saginaw
CCP-N01S-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 20in 20in 6in Horizontal Siemens
CCP-N01S-202006-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 20in 20in 6in Vertical Siemens
CCP-N01S-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 24in 24in 6in Vertical Siemens
CCP-N01S-242406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 24in 24in 6in Horizontal Siemens
CCP-N01S-362406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-001 36in 24in 6in Horizontal Siemens
CCP-N01S-362406-120V-024V-0100VA-001-V01 36in 24in 6in Vertical Siemens