Designer Path Bundle

A bundle of courses aimed at building a skilled BAS designer

In 120-150 days, our designer track will teach you how to create controls submittals and designs that get approved the first time. Submittals are the lifeblood of building automation projects. Without approved submittals, you cannot start order materials or executing projects. Yet the controls designer role continues to be a bottleneck at most companies with the average BAS designer taking 5+ years to train. Scroll down to the Description section learn more.

Our Designer Training Path helps students to:

  • Independently design controls submittals from scratch in as little as 3 months
  • Complete All training online
  • Go from zero knowledge to managing the submittal design process in less than 120 days.

Moving through the Training Path:

Students will move through the following courses to complete the Designer Training Path. They can choose their preference of two options for their third course.

  1. Building Automation Fundamentals will teach students:
    • How a BAS system works
    • Common Control Modes
    • Control Theory and Practices
  2. Control Sequence Fundamentals will teach:
    • How to interpret HVAC sequencing into controls theory
    • How to think from a systems perspective in order to effectively implement control sequences

Then select your choice of one of the below two classes as your 3rd course:

  1. IT for BAS Professionals provides hands on experience with:
    • Networks Servers Databases APIs Cyber security
  2. BAS Protocols provides an understanding of:
    • BACnet
    • Lon
    • Modbus

Then your 4th and final class will be:

  •  Submittals and Close-Out covers how to:
    • Review construction documents
    • Create controls submittals
    • Engineer system and controller layouts
    • Create closeout documents.

      To buy these classes individually would total over $5,000. Enjoy savings when you enroll in the Technician Path Bundle for a much lower price!