IDEC training courses are highly recommended for all OEM, technicians, supervisors, engineers, designers, machine builders, system integrators, maintenance personnel and end users with IDEC equipment. Anyone involved with the design and integration/operation of programmable logic controllers in industrial automation. Anyone who wants to maximize their practical skills and knowledge of IDEC automation products in order to improve work efficiency will benefit greatly from these courses.

IDEC PLC/HMI Training covers:

PLC fundamentals such as hardware, numbering systems and how a PLC works.
Basic functions: latching circuit, series and parallel circuits; how to use timers, counters and advanced functions such as data manipulation; Modbus Communications and PID.
Demonstrations on the MicroSmart FC6A.
Programming with the new IDEC 5.7" HG2G Enhanced HMI.
Question & Answer session with our PLC experts to discuss your specific controls application.

Package Options:

3-day training packages allow users to attend three days of coursework covering everything from features, configurations, and remote monitoring and control, to specific applications, and a Q&A session with our experts. Packages include a PLC, HMI, power supply, cables and software. This is best for users who want to participate in a comprehensive learning program focused on IDEC automation systems, and would like to leave with the knowledge, experience and products to immediately get started. Please let us know if you are interested in a training package.