Project Management Path Bundle

A bundle of courses aimed at building a skilled BAS project manager

In less than 120 days, students will be able to run their first building automation project on their own. The BAS Project Manager role is one of the most demanding roles in our industry. To be an effective project manager you must have a solid understanding of building automation, HVAC, and project processes. Our BAS Project manager track will teach you how to effectively run small and large projects on-time, on-scope, and on-budget.

Our Project Manager Training Path helps students to:

  • Independently manage building automation projects in as little as 3 months
  • Complete All training online
  • Go from zero knowledge to managing building automation projects in less than 120 days.

Moving through the Training Path:

Students will move through the following courses to complete the Designer Training Path. 

  1. Building Automation Fundamentals will teach students:
    • How a BAS system works
    • Common Control Modes
    • Control Theory and Practices
  2. Control Sequence Fundamentals will teach:
    • How to interpret HVAC sequencing into controls theory
    • How to think from a systems perspective in order to effectively implement control sequences
  3. Startup and Checkout covers how to:
    • Perform job take-offs
    • Line out installers
    • Install and configure field controllers
    • Setup and configure a full front-end including graphics, schedules, trends, and alarming
    • How to gather all project documentation to create as-builts in order to close out the project.
  4. BAS Project Management Bootcamp teaches you how to:
    • Forecast labor, material, and subcontractors
    • Manage change orders and scope drift
    • Oversee billings, TWC, and profitability
    • Perform project kickoffs and closeouts
To buy these classes individually would total over $5,000. Enjoy savings when you enroll in the Technician Path Bundle for a much lower price!