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VFDs: Three Brands of Smart Drives

Change the Way You Drive

If you’re driven by reducing labor and start up costs, Stromquist stocks the right Variable Frequency Drives for you.  Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Siemens all offer drives that are smart, intuitive, and effortless to use.  

Once set up and seamlessly integrated into your building automation system, these drives offer unrivaled dependability & durability. And if you ever need assistance, Stromquist is here with local setup support, training and troubleshooting.

Watch this short video to see how fast and simple it is to program a Honeywell Smart VFD.

Stromquist stocks drives up to 25HP in all three brands.  If we happen to be out of stock with one, we have backups for you.  We also have models up to 250HP available to order.  


  • Easily integrate the SmartVFD into building automation systems
  • Easy interface with graphical display and 9-point monitoring screen
  • Disconnect option
  • Bypass options: 2 contactor, 3 contactor or 3 contactor auto-bypass
  • Quick Installation (Startup Wizard, PID Wizard, Quick Start Guide, Built-in real time clock)

Johnson Controls

  • Graphic display and keypad
  • On board communications (RS485:ModBus, BacNet, N2 Ethernet: BacNet IP, ModBus TCP)
  • On board I/O (6DI, 3RO, 2AI, 1AO)
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
  • Easy menu navigation / Multi-monitoring capability
  • Support multiple protocols for communication with Building Automation System


  • Drives up to 250 hp
  • User-friendly control panel with intuitive interface
  • Electronic or conventional bypass available
  • Complete system integration 
  • Ethernet capabilities include BACnet IP and Modbus TCP
  • View/monitor nine parameters at one time

What about the Bypass?

At one time there were good reasons for always having a bypass: VFDs had a high failure rate, were complicated to set up, and required a trained specialist to install, set-up, or fix. A bypass was required to allow your fan or pump to run while you waited for a specialist.

Now the improvements in VFD quality have given us much easier installation and setup in addition to thousands of hours of run time between failures. With that, the need for a bypass is no longer as significant as it once was. Given that most bypasses cost more than the VFD, it makes more sense to buy a back up VFD that can be installed and working in right away.

If you do require a bypass, we have those too.