Training Classes

Fin Stack Training


This 4-day class is to prepare System Integrators to be confident in their ability to install and configure the FIN Stack Building Automation Framework into a typical integration job.

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DDC Fundamentals


This class is designed for DDC installers and technicians to learn open and closed loop control, elements, control points and actions, fan modulation, system architecture, and field device applications. 

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Distech 6001


The 6001 course has been developed to complete the Distech Controls Applications & Controllers Certification Program. This in-class training introduces and describes key concepts and knowledge about Distech Controls applications and controllers. 

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IDEC PLC + HMI Training


IDEC training courses are highly recommended for all IDEC equipment users involved with the design and integration/operation of programmable logic controllers in industrial automation. 

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Johnson Controls PCT Training


Participants will receive an overview of the Facility Explorer MSTP field controller system, create programs from standard tree systems using the Programmable Controller and Commissioning tool.

  • Sept 30th - Oct 4th, 2019, Atlanta

Niagara 4 - Level 1


Taught by Vern Peterson with MOV Training, this in-depth class on the Niagara 4 Platform ends with a certification test.

  • August 19-23, 2019, Atlanta - Waitlist
  • December 2-6, 2019, Atlanta

Niagara 4 - Level 2


This builds on the concepts learned in the Niagara 4 - Level 1 Course.

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