ACH Billing Request - Sign Ups

We are contacting our customers that currently pay their invoices with a check to see if they would be willing to pay via ACH. The USPS delivery can be challenging at times. Would this be something your company would be interested in?

 If so, please click the button below and our account setup team will be reaching out with more information.

We appreciate your consideration and your business!

If you have any questions at all please e-mail Sheila Sisk at -

Why choose ACH billing?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is when a customer agrees to pay us electronically and sets up a connection between their bank and our bank.


When you convert over to ACH billing, you can be confident in knowing your payments are as safe and secure as they would be at your bank. No more lost or pending payments.


Converting over to ACH billing turns a process that used to take days, weeks, and sometimes months into a 24-48 hour process. This, in turn benefits you, the customer.   


With ACH billing, the electronic payments make them accurate, easy to manage, and most of all, the records are in one easy-to-view place.