HVAC / IoT Edge controller


The ECLYPSE APEX is a powerful HVAC / IoT Edge controller that offers enhanced performance and dedicated spaces to IoT and AI developers. It facilitates HVAC system maintenance, increases efficiency of equipment and optimizes energy consumption by leveraging the latest available technology on site.


  • Powerful controller with two Ethernet ports (1Gbps each), additional processing power, and large data trending capacity to handle the growing needs of intelligent buildings.
  • ECLYPSE input/output and communication modules are supported, providing competitive I/O combinations, and supporting up to 320 I/O points (up 20 I/O modules).
  • Secure boot and additional physical security measures designed to help overcome today’s security challenges.
  • Different communication protocols such as BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and M-Bus are supported to ensure ease of communication, authentication, and error detection.
  • Embedded RESTful API to exchange data from different applications, such as energy dashboards, analytics tools, and mobile applications, on premise or from the cloud with the IoT Hub connector.

Developer Tools:

  • Available Docker container and Azure IoT Edge technologies extend gateway features at the edge and allow IoT/AI third-party developers to embed advanced processing functionalities.
  • On-board TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) accelerator, designed to run AI at the edge, adds intelligence to any building and opens the door to new control applications.


With market-leading processing power as well as ample memory storage for extensive data trending, the ECLYPSE APEX is a BAS controller that has been designed with intelligent buildings in mind.


The embedded AI coprocessor brings artificial intelligence to the edge, opening the door to many new applications such as identifying hidden energy-saving opportunities.


Support of Docker© - compatible containers with the Azure IoT Edge framework provides a dedicated space where IoT and AI developers can implement customized apps, allowing them to do more at the edge, reducing some of the typical cloud-related costs.

IoT Ready

-Develop an enhanced cloud service offering by leveraging built-in IoT connectivity.

-Deploy and maintain applications at the edge in batch without additional VPN infrastructure.

-Facilitate remote monitoring and control as well as automated compliance reporting.


Streamline the design and installation tasks and optimize maintenance and troubleshooting operations with an all-in-one HVAC and IoT controller.


Benefit from secure boot and cybersecure communication between OT, IT, and cloud-based platforms, making it the ideal all-in-one solution for local and remote applications