Apogee Sensors

Series 1000 & 2000

The Series 1000 and Series 2000 Room Temperature Sensors from Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., offer a wide range of features and functionality that work in concert with the APOGEEâ Automation System to deliver exceptional occupant comfort in even the most demanding application environments.

The product family includes plain sensing-only variants, and fully interactive types with a two-line LCD that permits viewing and modifying controller points directly from the sensor’s keypad and display as well as a semi-flush mount model (Series 2000). All sensors incorporate precision temperature sensing elements to accurately and reliably measure room temperature. Their compact, low profile design results in an attractive, inconspicuous installation. A styled ventilation ring optimizes airflow through the cover for fast measurement response and superior control.

Series 1000

The Series 1000 Room Temperature Sensor provides accurate, reliable sensing of room temperature Terminal Equipment Controllers (TECs), Modular Building Controllers (MBCs), Remote Building Controllers (RBCs), Programmable Modular Controllers (PXCs) and Modular Equipment Controllers (MECs).

Optional Features:

  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Setpoint Adjustment
  • Override Button
  • Very low Maintenance

TEC Applications:

Room temperature sensors for TEC applications incorporate a thermistor element and plug-in Portable Operator's Terminal port located on the bottom of the cover. The plug-in Portable Operator's Terminal port provides a convenient means of communicating with the TEC to command or troubleshoot the system. These sensors connect to TECs via a six-wire cable terminated with a plug-in RJ-11 connector. The cable transmits the temperature, the communication with the Portable Operator's Terminal, and the optional setpoint and override signals.

MBC, RBC, PXC, and MEC Applications:

Room temperature sensors for MBC, RBC, PXC and MEC applications incorporate a platinum RTD element. Connections to field panels are made via 18 to 22 AWG twisted pair cabling. A conveniently located unpluggable termination block simplifies both installation and service.

Series 2000

The Series 2000 Room Temperature Sensors provide an interactive digital link to Terminal Equipment Controllers (TECs) that allows viewing and adjusting controller points directly from the sensor’s liquid crystal display and keypad. These sensors incorporate a precision thermistor to accurately and reliably measure room temperature.

Standard Features Include:

  • Programmable Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): A two-line alphanumeric LCD allows simultaneous display of room temperature, a user-selected critical point, and day/night operation status. You can configure the screen to:
    • Show English or Metric Units
    • Turn the Room Temperature Display On or Off
    • Select a Critical Point for Display or Turn off the Critical Point Display

Standard Features Continued:

Digital setpoint adjustment

The sensor’s keypad allows error-free digital setpoint adjustments in one-degree increments. Setpoint values momentarily display as changes are made.

Display of operating mode

Graphic symbols are displayed to indicate the controller’s operating mode. A “sun” indicates occupied mode operation and a “moon” indicates night mode operation.

Override button

A flush-mounted override button allows you to change to an occupied control schedule during the unoccupied cycle for a period of time determined by the system operator.

Passkey security:

A special hardware passkey plugs into the sensor’s MMI port to allow access to the display configuration menu and the controller’s point database.