CIPer 30 IP Controller

Scalable, Fast, & Flexible

Full Integration for Superior Control

Only Honeywell CIPer™ Model 30 controllers have a 4-port switch for full integration of HVAC systems, IT network and operational technologies into one infrastructure. As the fastest controllers on the market, with an open platform that seamlessly integrates new and legacy devices, CIPer Model 30 controllers quickly give you real-time data for superior operational control and efficiency.

The compact CIPer Model 30 runs full Niagara software, which is 1,000 times faster than any MS/TP controller. This helps installers engineer jobs faster, saving download time as there is no need for special programming tools. Scalable architecture with a 4-port IP switch also allows daisy-chaining and the use of IP cameras to monitor critical infrastructure.

Fast Connection with a Range of Devices

Whether you need to manage a simple RTU or complex boiler and chiller rooms, the CIPer™ product family offers a variety of controllers and I/O modules to meet your needs. Supported by the Niagara 4 Framework®, these controllers support BACnet IP, and some support multi-protocols to manage all types of buildings across the building automation industry. From speed and power to expandability, there’s a CIPer controller with the right combination of benefits for your application.

Features & Benefits:

The WEB-C3036 controllers are part of the Honeywell WEBs CIPer family. CIPer MODEL 30 controllers are available in two models WEB-C3036EPUBNH and WEBC3036EPVBNH. These are Internet Protocol (IP) based “edge” controllers that can be used for VAV, Unitary, equipment and Plant applications. Each is programmable and configurable using the open Niagara 4 Framework. 

Each controller is equipped with a four-port Gigabit network switch, that can integrate with broader IP peripheral devices including cameras, variable frequency drives, utility meters, lighting systems, etc. The CIPer MODEL 30 controllers can communicate over both TCP/ IP (FOXS) and BACnet IP protocols. These controllers can be used to aggregate information (including realtime data, alarms, trends, and history) and integrate this data to the Honeywell “FORGE” Cloud for value-added data analytics to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of expensive facility equipment assets while helping prevent unplanned downtown. Additional physical I/O points available using expansion IO modules WEBO9056H and WEB-O3022H.

Lighting Fast Data Acquisition

Add Smart IP devices to your HVAC and OT infrastructure without affecting the speed of the system. CIPer Model 30 controllers communicate at 1 Gbps, and they connect with IP peripheral devices at speeds up to 10 times faster than using “Fast Ethernet” and 1,000 times faster than MS/TP controllers

Reduced Capital Expenses

The CIPer Model 30 controller is supported by the Niagara® 4 framework for easy integration of new and legacy systems. Plus, since the controllers use familiar programming that contractors already use every day, you won’t have expenses for training or specialized tools.

Scalable to Your Needs

Regardless of the complexity of your facility, CIPer Model 30 controllers have you covered. They have a range of I/O and expansion capabilities for easy adjustments as your needs change, can be daisy-chained to reduce wiring needs, and are embedded with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol to provide a self-healing network.

Improved Efficiency

With its built-in 4-port switch, the CIPer Model 30 is the only IP controller that fully integrates your facility’s operational technologies (OT). The 4-port, 1-Gbps IP switch allows easy connection to broader IP peripherals, including IP cameras, IP clocks, IP intercoms and other devices, for the ultimate in control efficiency. Plus, they include analytics and continuous adaptation for optimized system performance.

Built-In Analytics

Make buildings smarter and more efficient with preventative maintenance and equipment predictive failure analysis, ensuring safe, efficient and comfortable buildings without costly unplanned outages.

World Class Security

SSL-encrypted communications provide peace of mind while protecting the facility’s assets and building infrastructure. FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Compliance means you can confidently quote and install in critical governmental and non-governmental facilities

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