Light Commercial BAS System

Make Verasys Yours!

Verasys® Make it Yours

Discover Verasys® controls—empowering you to configure a vast array of HVACR equipment and controls without special programming tools. Our newest release includes even more features to customize controls for one building, or for a chain with thousands of locations.

-Perfect for Single or Multi Zone System!

-Easy to Install Pre-programmed Controls

-Can connect up to 100 single-zone RTUs

-Provides mobile access to critical data via user-friendly graphics

Your Nerve Center - Smart Building Hub

At the core of the Verasys® system is the Smart Building Hub, a scalable control center that manages multiple building zones and applications in real time. Gain extraordinary control over HVAC, refrigeration and lighting—with seamless integration into other smart applications. Minimize downtime and service costs with easy configuration. Not to mention secure remote connection from any internet connected device in real time!

The Verasys® Smart Building Hub is the powerful plug-and-play nerve center that monitors and controls a variety of Smart Equipment. But it becomes even more powerful when paired with Verasys® Application Controllers (VAC), which seamlessly integrate a whole host of additional smart applications into the system:

  • CO2, Humidity, Temperature, Lights, Energy Metering, Pressure

Connect & Control more Devices

Verasys® technology is BACnet®-based and connects seamlessly with other equipment. The latest release now includes support for: 

  • PENN® A525 Series electronic walk-in cooler controllers.
  • TEC3000 Series full-color smart thermostats, for touchscreen
    control of rooftop, fan coil and heat pump equipment.
  • NS8000 Series Network Sensors — one device for temperature,
    humidity, CO2 and occupancy sensing.


Save Time with Factory-mounted VAV Controls

Factory-mounted VAV controls slash installation time and reduce
costs through bundling. The Constant Volume, Generic IO and
Lighting controllers can all support more sensors, for improved
monitoring. The release also includes new boiler and chiller
controller applications. Ask about our take-off services today!

Simple Building Control Solutions for Building Owners:

        Activate Your Building 

Verasys® controls system empowers you to design and optimize your building to keep occupants comfortable, productive, and safe. You have more options to reduce costs and increase control of HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting equipment. Verasys® is a configurable system that streamlines installation and commissioning, and helps facilities perform at peak levels. 

Gain Maximum Efficiency and Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership 

  • Plug-and-play controls system cuts installation time and complexity.
  • Simple interface delivers vital building data for immediate control of your environment.
  • Secure remote access makes it easy to manage your building from anywhere.
  • Easy-to-use controls maximize energy savings and extend equipment life—reducing operating costs.
  • Turnkey solution offers installed cost savings
  • Support for advanced sensors, controllers and thermostats creates new opportunities for efficiencies.


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