Atlanta Counter Current Switch Selection Guide

Current Switches

Current switches offer high performance, with a wide array of amperage range options. These products can accurately detect belt loss, coupling shear, or other mechanical failures on unit vents, exhaust fans, recirculation pumps, and other fixed loads down to as little as 1/5 HP.

Stocked Veris Current Switches

Part Number Split Core Solid Core Adjustable Fixed On/Off Status Proof of Flow VFD App Mini Amp Range Status Output
H300 0.15-60A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H308 0.75-50A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H600 0.15-200A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H608 NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H708 1-135A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H709 NO 2A @ 120VAC
H735 1-135A NO 0.1A @ 30VAC/DC
H738 1-135A w/ Relay Solid NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H800 0.25-200A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H808 0.75-50A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H900 1.5-200A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H904 NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H908 2.5-135A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H909 2.5-135A NO .2A @ 120VAC
H930 1.5-200A w/ CMD Relay NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H934 SPST 5A@250VAC, 24VAC/DC Coil NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC
H938 2.5-135A NO 1A @ 30VAC/DC

More Current Switches

Part Number Description Vendor
RIBXGTA Split/Adj Current Switch, 0.75-150A with terminals RIB
RIBXKF Solid, Fixed .25-150A, 30v, Wire Leads
RIBXLCRA Encl/Solid, 10A, Relay/Current, Adj
RIBXKA CT SPST 30ac-dc .5/150amp wire leads
RIBXKTF Soild, Fixed, .25-150A, Terminal
RIBX24SBA Encl 20A Relay/Switch, Adj, Override
RIBXGHTA Split/Adj Current Switch, .75-150A, 120v
RIBXGF Enclosed split-ring fixed current sensor with wire leads
A/MSCSA Split Core Adj Stpt 0.55-150A - Curr Sw 0.55 Trip Normally Open Mini ACI
A/MSCS Split Core Go/No-Go 0.55-150A - Curr Sw 0.55A Trip Normally Open Mini