Kromschroder VAS-2 
Compact Series Fuel Trains


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The Kromschroder VAS-2 Compact Series Fuel Trains are pre-assembled indoor rated gas trains ranging from 1 to 2 inches in size. The compact design of the components allows for shorter overall lengths of the fuel train layout where available space is a concern. Standard models come in a double block arrangement utilizing the Kromschroder VAS-2 series solenoid valves with a maximum closing time of 1 second. The solenoid valves are provided with proof of closure switches and visual indication.

The Kromschroder VAS-2 Compact Series Fuel Trains are designed for a standard 5 p.s.i. inlet pressure with 7-14 in. w.c. outlet pressure. Custom options and configurations are available. 

The modular design principle allows the individual components of the VAS, VCS Series to be easily assembled: e.g. quick opening, slow opening, with proof of closure switch and visual position indicator, slow opening with attached pressure switch. Solenoid valves for gas VAS and double solenoid valves VCS for safeguarding and controlling the air and gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances. For use in gas control and safety systems in all sectors of the iron, steel, glass and ceramics industries, as well as in commercial heat generation, such as the packaging, paper and foodstuffs industries.


  • Standard Sizes are Available in 1” to 2”
  • Capacities from 1,100 CFH to 2,800 CFH
  • UL Approved Locking Ball Valves
  • Lockup Style Service Regulators
  • Low and High Gas Pressure Switches with Manual Reset
  • Visual Indication and Proof of Closure Switch.
  • Pressure Gauges.
    • 0 to 15 P.S.I on Inlet
    • 0 to 30 in. w.c. on Outlet
  • Drip Leg and Strainer
  • Rated for -4°F to +140°F
  • NEMA 1 Rated Components
  • Options available for Painted
  • Options available for Pre-Wired

Suitable Applications:

  • Commercial Boilers
  • Makeup Air Units
  • Process Ovens
  • Wash Tanks

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