DC2500 and DC3200 controllers are now OBSOLETE

Use the DC2800 as the direct replacement 

Stromquist was notified in early August that due to obsolescence and supply chain issues, Honeywell is not accepting any new orders for these series but our existing stock is still available for purchase, see link below. Stromquist will not be receiving any more 2500/3200s.

Give us a call or e-mail to have your obsolete DC2500 or DC3200 converted to a DC2800* today!

The UDC2800 is a direct replacement for both the UDC2500 and UDC3200 controllers with these key features:

  • Same 1/4 DIN size as the DC2500/DC3200 so it will fit back in the same panel cutout.
  • Dual display standard
  • Full compatibility with both the UDC2500 and UDC3200
  • Enhanced User Interface with TFT display and Bluetooth connection for configuration and monitoring.
  • Improved control with 0.15% measurement accuracy and 100 ms control loop update rate.
  • Enhanced Setpoint Programming (SPP) capabilities - 8 programs with 8 segments each
  • Math functions included as standard.

Stromquist & Company has tried to make this sudden transition as easy and seamless as possible. We have already converted a substantial portion of DC2500s and DC3200s to their replacement, the DC2800. We also have many DC2800 substitutes for the DC2500 listed on our website.

While Honeywell is no longer accepting new orders, we still have some of the older models in stock. To browse our leftover inventory, click on the link below.

*As of early August, we cannot quote or sell limit models if we don't have the DC2500-xx-xL in our stock or have an active PO with Honeywell. The replacement DC2800-xx-xL models are not yet built in Honeywell's system. They are supposed to start releasing them in Q4 with the FM-approved limit models in Q1 of 2023. Please note that UDC controllers as a group are taking 2-4 months to arrive.