Integrator Path Bundle

A bundle of courses aimed at building a skilled BAS system integrator

Students will leave this track with the ability to tackle any system integration project regardless of the complexity in less than 120 days. Systems integration is arguably the most difficult task in the smart buildings industry. It can take decades to learn how to effectively integrate systems. In this track, we condense decades worth of knowledge into months.

Our Integrator Training Path helps students to:

  • Independently execute integration projects in as little as 3 months
  • Complete All training online
  • Go from zero knowledge to configuring complex protocol and API integrations from scratch in less than 120 days

Moving through the Training Path:

Students will move through the following courses to complete the Designer Training Path. 

  1. IT for BAS Professionals provides hands-on experience with:
    • Networks Servers Databases APIs Cybersecurity
  2. BAS Protocol Bootcamp provides an understanding of:
    • BACnet
    • LON
    • Modbus
  3. BAS Programming covers how to:
    • Create fully functional BAS programs from scratch using our design pattern methodology
  4. System Integration Bootcamp teaches how to:
    • Design complex integrated systems from start to finish.
    • Implement custom integration services using API's and protocols
    • Design integration project deliverables
    • Manage the creation of system architectures, data flow maps, and system use cases

To buy these classes individually would total over $5,000. Enjoy savings when you enroll in the Technician Path Bundle for a much lower price!